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Acquiring an Effective Visual Field and Stereovision using an Independent Optical System

A Neitz binocular indirect ophthalmoscope utilizes an optical system in which the spot size, illumination light axis, and observation light axis can each be independently adjusted. This makes the ophthalmoscope well suited for observing the periphery of the ocular fundus. The effective visual field and stereovision provided by this device when observing the periphery of the ocular fundus has garnered high praise from doctors who specialize in vitreoretinal examinations.

The Use of Colored LED Bulbs to Reduce Discomfort during Ocular Fundus Observation

To select the LEDs installed in the Neitz binocular indirect ophthalmoscope IO-α LED, we tested all available high-performance, high-quality LEDs in order to select one that could accurately reproduce color closest to that by an electrical light bulb. The ability of IO-α LED to reproduce the color of an electric light bulb has elicited positive responses from doctors who favor our devices. Further, compared to electric-bulb-type ophthalmoscopes, LED-type ophthalmoscopes ensure a clear illumination field with no filament shadow.

Eliminates the Hassle of Replacing Bulbs

The service life of an LED is at least 50,000 hours. LEDs eliminate the hassle associated with replacing bulbs, reduce costs, and allow for more worry-free examinations.

Maximizing Continuous Illumination Time

The energy efficiency of LEDs allows for 10 hours of continuous illumination.


IO-α LED ( wire-free BIO)



  • Allows for comfortable ocular fundus observation through the use of halogen-like colored LED-bulb illumination.
  • Clear lighting that does not have a filament shadow, unlike normal light bulbs.
  • The service life of the LED is at least 50,000h,*1 eliminating the hassle of replacing light bulbs.
  • The rechargeable battery pack includes safe NiMH batteries.
  • The energy-saving effect of using LED allows for 10h of continuous illumination.*2
  • This accounts for approximately five times the illumination time in comparison with our halogen-bulb battery-powered products.
  • According to data from the LED manufacturer
  • At intermediate illumination intensity


  • Pupillary Distance : 54mm to 74mm
  • Lens Diopter : +2D
  • Filters : UV, Red-Free, Cobalt Blue
  • Illumination Area :19mm, 50mm, 80mm (at the distance of 50cm)
  • Illuminance : Approx. 600Lx / max, 300Lx / middle (at the distance of 50cm with UV filter)
  • Light Source : 3W white LED
  • Dimensions (Main Body): 164mm x 111.5mm x 58mm
  • Weight (Main Body) : 480g
  • Headband Adjustment Range : 53cm to 63cm (Depth is adjustable too)

Contents (in case of SET 4 with Battery pack)

  • IO-a LED Main Body and Headband Unit
  • Battery Pack IO-BP II
  • AC Adapter
  • Extension Cord
  • Belt Hook
  • Tying Ring
  • Spare Light Bulb L-51
  • Teaching Mirror
  • Scleral depressor
  • Detachment Chart
  • Carrying Case

Power Supply

  • Wireless Power Supply Unit IO-BP II (Battery Pack)
  • Wire Power Supply Unit LPS-250 (Transformer)


  • IO Stand
  • Aspheric Lens




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