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The world's fastest scanning OCT.

- Designed for OCT-A, not adapted.

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Revo Nx is the ideal compliment to your practice. Scanning at a staggering 110,000 A/Scans per sec will make the collection of high quality information a breeze. It's superfast speed allows the capture of detailed OCT angiographic images (OCT-A) simple. It's fully automated operation is so simple that anyone can use this device with just 5 minutes training. Featuring Retinal, Disc, Ganglion, Wide field, detailed cornea, pachymetry and angle to angle scanning with the option of OCT-A, this OCT is a comprehensive diagnostic solution for your practice.


REVO2micronStunning 2 Micron (digital) resolution

anglesAngle to angle scanning















Spectral Domain OCT
Light Source:  SLED, Wavelength 830nm
Bandwidth:  50 nm half bandwidth
Scanning speed:  110 000 A-scan/sec
Axial resolution:  5 µm in tissue ~2,6 µm digital
Transverse Resolution:  12 µm, typical 18 µm
Overall scan depth:  2.4 mm
Scan range: Posterior 5-12 mm, Anterior 3-16mm
Scan types: 3D, Angio, Radial HD, B-scan, Raster, Cross HD
Fundus image: Live Fundus Reconstruction
Alignment method: Fully automatic, Automatic
Retina analysis: Retina thickness, Inner retinal thickness, Outer retinal thickness
RNFL+GCL+IPL thickness, GCL+IPL thickness, RNFL thickness
RPE deformation, IS/OS thickness
Angiography OCT*
    Superficial plexus, Deep Plexus, Outer Retina, Choriocapilaries ,Depth Coded, Custom, Enface, Thickness map
Glaucoma analysis: RNFL, ONH morphology, DDLS, Ganglion analysis as RNFL+GCL+IP and GCL+IPL, OU and Hemisphere asymmetry
Anterior:  Pachymetry, LASIK flap, Angle Assessment, AIOP, AOD 500/750, TISA 500/750
Anterior Wide Scan: Angle to Angle view, Adapter required

OCT-A, Biometry available as modules. Corneal Topograhy coming soon
Min.  pupil size :  3 mm
Focus adjustment range:  -25D to +25D
Dimensions (WxDxH):  382 x 549 × 462 mm
Weight :  23 kg
Fixation target:  OLED display (The target shape and position can be changed),
External fixation arm

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