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SM-10N and SM-30N:Takagi

This quality affordable slit lamp from Takagi has superb optics and versatility. But best of all is it's budget oriented price.
It's high grade optics and great feel allow the user to feel instantly comfortable with its use.
No imaging attachments available



700GL700GL: Takagi

Our premium Slit Lamp

  • Innovative design with concealed cabling
  • LED illumination
  • Built in background illumination
  • 14mm slit length/width
  • superb and unequalled optics.
  • easy to upgrade to digital imaging with choice of integrated 10mp USB3.0 camera or 21mp Canon EOS camera back.



SM90 ZoomIncorporating motoriz

ed zoom system:Takagi

unique in its class/ High-resolution microscope with high-quality multi-coated lenses/ Magnification display using one-touch flip-up mirror/ Special mirror coating and diffuser/ Tonometer mount as standard/ Centralized control system with X-Y button/ New-design power transformer

This slit lamp has the full range of digital imaging attachment


SL-500 with 15mm slit length and width (continuously variable): Shin Nippon

Newly designed wide-field optics, high-tech illumination for ease of use. Every specification and function perfect for daily eye exams. The new generation of Slit Lamp

Convergence Optics
Built-In Yellow Filter
Wide Field & High Eye point Eyepiece Design
Centralized Control
Illumination Source
Expanded Slit Width & Height
A wider slit width & longer slit height capability are attractive features when combined with our new wide field optics.
Slit width: 0-15mm
Slit height: 0.5-15mm
Diaphragm Sizes:0.2 , 1, 3 , 5, 8, 15mm

Background Illumination/Diffuser
Improved Working Distance

Digital Imaging attachment available



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